Model biến tần Delta

Các Model thông dụng của biến tần Delta mà chúng tôi cung cấp

Các Model thông dụng của biến tần VFD-F,

VFD037F43A, VFD055F43A, VFD055F43B, VFD075F43A, VFD075F43B, VFD110F43A, VFD150F43A, VFD185F43A, VFD220F43A, VFD300F43A, VFD370F43A, VFD450F43A, VFD550F43A, VFD750F43A, VFD900F43A, VFD900F43C, VFD1100F43A, VFD1100F43C, VFD1320F43A, VFD1600F43A, VFD1850F43A, VFD2200F43A,

Các Model thông dụng của biến tần VFD-B,

VFD004B21A, VFD007B21A, VFD015B21A, VFD022B21A, VFD007B23A, VFD015B23A, VFD022B23B, VFD037B23A, VFD055B23A, VFD075B23A, VFD110B23A, VFD150B23A, VFD185B23A, VFD220B23A, VFD300B23A, VFD370B23A, VFD004B43A, VFD007B43A, VFD015B43A, VFD015B43A, VFD022B43B, VFD037B43A, VFD055B43A, VFD075B43A, VFD110B43A, VFD150B43A, VFD185B43A, VFD220B43A, VFD300B43A, VFD370B43A, VFD450B43A, VFD550B43A, VFD550B43C, VFD750B43A, VFD750B43C,

Các Model thông dụng của biến tần VFD-M,

VFD004M21A, VFD007M21A, VFD015M21A, VFD022M21A, VFD004M23A, VFD007M23A, VFD015M23A,VFD022M23B, VFD037M23A, VFD055M23A,VFD004M43A, VFD007M43B, VFD015M43A,VFD015M43B, VFD022M43A, VFD022M43B, VFD037M43A, VFD055M43A, VFD075M43A,

Các Model thông dụng của biến tần VFD-E,

VFD002E21A, VFD004E21A, VFD007E21A, VFD015E21A, VFD022E21A, VFD002E23A, VFD004E23A, VFD007E23A, VFD015E23A, VFD022E23A, VFD037E23A, VFD055E23A, VFD075E23A, VFD110E23A, VFD150E23A,VFD004E43A,VFD007E43A, VFD015E43A, VFD022E43A VFD037E43A, VFD055E43A, VFD075E43A, VFD110E43A, VFD150E43A, VFD185E43A, VFD220E43A,

Các Model thông dụng của biến tần VFD-EL,

VFD002EL21A, VFD004EL21A, VFD007EL21A, VFD015EL21A, VFD022EL21A, VFD002EL23A, VFD004EL23A, VFD007EL23A, VFD015EL23A, VFD022EL23A, VFD037EL23A, VFD004EL43A, VFD007EL43A, VFD015EL43A, VFD022EL43A, VFD037EL43A,

Các Model thông dụng của biến tần VFD-S,

VFD002S21A, VFD004S21A, VFD007S21A, VFD015S21D, VFD022S21D,VFD002S23A, VFD004S23A, VFD007S23A, VFD015S23D,VFD022S23D, VFD004S43A, VFD007S43A, VFD015S43D, VFD022S43D,

Các Model thông dụng của biến tần VFD-C2000,

VFD007C43A, VFD015C43A, VFD015C43A, VFD022C43B, VFD037C43A, VFD055C43A, VFD075C43A, VFD110C43A, VFD150C43A, VFD185C43A, VFD220C43A,VFD300C43A, VFD370C43A, VFD450C43A, VFD550C43A, VFD550C43C, VFD750C43A,VFD900C43A,VFD1100C43A, VFD1100C43C, VFD1320C43A, VFD1600C43A, VFD1850C43A, VFD2200C43AC,

Các Model thông dụng của biến tần VFD-CP2000,

VFD007CP43A, VFD015CP43A, VFD015CP43A, VFD022CP43B, VFD037CP43A, VFD055CP43A, VFD075CP43A, VFD110CP43A, VFD150CP43A, VFD185CP43A, VFD220CP43A, VFD300CP43A, VFD370CP43A, VFD450CP43A, VFD550CP43A, VFD550CP43C, VFD750CP43A, VFD900CP43A, VFD1100CP43A, VFD1100CP43C, VFD1320CP43A, VFD1600CP43A, VFD1850CP43A, VFD2200CP43AC,

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